WishWhisper® Gala luminarias - candle bags maxi 30 pcs.

WishWhisper® Gala luminarias - candle bags maxi 30 pcs.

create a absolutely stunning atmosphere


Old & simply beautiful Christmas Eve tradition from Mexico. Luminarias candle bags lined the paths and walls around homes, lighting the way for the spirit of the newly born Christ Child. Nowadays used as deco light for charity and corporate events, galas, birthday and holiday celebrations.


Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, party, Christmas, or you just want to add sparkle to your home, one of our deco candlelight paper bags will be just perfect for the job. These candle bags or luminaria bags are fantastic to use outside along pathways, around pools, or anywhere you want to add warmth, light and unforgettable impressions.


Available with differnent patterns and in simple and plain white colour. Warm lighting deco candlelight paper bags will match any mood or style. Each candlelight paper bag has been delicately handmade and especially designed for safetty and tealights to ensure whether used inside or outdoors every candle bag light looks absolutely stunning! These are used with tealights sand or glas inside and made of fine fire retartend paper.


WISHWHISPER®GALA CANDLELIGHT BAGS Set will arrive fully assembled and ready to light and launch and are fully biodegradable, fully re-usable & safe and simple to use.

star white - star pattern
plain white - no pattern

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