About us

BUYTHAI® "experience Thailand"

How we started!

Having more than 7 years of international experience in multi site management, marketing, & development in the fashion industry & retail across Western & Eastern Europe we chose to escape and to complete our MBA study online far away from our modern world.

Whilst attending online studies & enjoying the peaceful Thai Island life in South of Thailand we became enthusiastic about the comfort of the local Thai Island Fisherman's Pant's that we wore daily and the unforgettable impressions of Thai Wish Lanterns used in local celebrations. Becoming even more impressed by the fascinating beauty of the local Thai Wish Lanterns, we focused on the need for such special and beautiful products in Europe.

Believing that these products would not only be successful in Europe but also enthusiastically embraced we decided to share and make them available worldwide. Humble beginnings saw us purchasing small quantities from local crafts people and sending them in small parcels to family members and friends across Europe.

The idea and passion for WishWhisper® & SABAAI®ASIA was born.

Demand for WishWhisper® Wish Lantern products & SABAAI® wellbeing wear developed. Wishlanterns dot COM and SABAAI grew and worked hard on improving and making these products a leading force across the globe. Customers became excited and totally enchanted by the unforgettable memories created by authentic Wish Lanterns at all types of celebrations. Orders from all parts of the globe followed and we developed networks of manufacturers, logistic companies and resellers worldwide.

Success demanded that the growing demand need to be approached to make available to the world what had previously only been available to a small progressive market.

Early in spring of 2005 totally dedicated small & local manufactures were set up and started full scale production for Western Quality and Standards to be met and supplied. We launched our online & retail shop BUYTHAI with warehousing and customer service in Europe and delivery service across the globe.

"Back to the roots" BUYTHAI today operates a small online shop only, stopped to supply resellers and commercial dealings, but proudly supplied satisfied retail and wholesale customers including many leading Marketing, Event, Party - Wedding agencies, Spa and Wellness venues and Organizations with traditional WishWhisper® & SABAAI®ASIA products. Decor, Gift shops & resellers enjoyed the partnership that seemed a beneficial sustainable industry for all concerned.

Be our quest, enjoy your order process with BUYTHAI, experience unique Asian culture and experience Thailand. Be part of miracles.