Right of Return
You can return the goods by the returns procedure within 7 days (the return/ revocation period) without giving a reason. This period does not commence until you have received the goods and these instructions. It is necessary to inform our customer service by telephone or e-mail. You will be fully charged for returns and all shipping expenses if the goods are sent back within one week. After this one week period you will be responsible for additional charges incurred with your return. Please contact our customer service by email so that we can monitor a return of your goods.  email:

Consequences of Return
A valid product return involves the return of both the goods and the consideration, together with any benefits derived from them (e.g. usage factors). We are entitled to claim compensation for any damage to the goods, unless such damage can be exclusively attributed to such wear and tear as could arise from trying out the product in a shop. You can avoid such claims by making no use of the goods as if you owned them and doing nothing that could impair their value. If you exercise your right of return, the purchase contract is null and void.

Right of return does not apply to commercial transactions and dealings.